Escape with the Miller Family
The Miller family makes their home escape plan   Identifing two ways out of each room
The Miller family puts together a home fire escape plan with the help of NFPA's Judy Comoletti.   Using a map of their home, the Millers identified two ways out of every room, as well as a place for the family to meet outside.
911 is posted by the phone   Testing the bedroom window
Judy told the Millers to know the number to call in case of fire emergency. The Millers have 911 phone service in their area. This number is posted by the phone as a reminder.   Before practicing the family's Great Escape plan, Sean tests his bedroom window to make sure it opens easily if he needs to use it for his escape.
Testing the doors   Testing the smoke alarm
Jimmy, Sean, and their mom also test their doors to make sure they can unlock and open them easily.   Mr. Miller also tests all their smoke alarms to make sure they work. The Millers change their smoke alarm batteries once a year.