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Sparky through the years


The original Sparky the Fire Dog. Kids could send in 25¢ to be part of Sparky’s Fire Department.


Sparky had his own song, “Help Spark-y the fire-dog! When you’re care-ful, then your’re real-ly smart; so never give fire a place to start!” Looks like this old dog wasn’t wearing a seat belt...yikes!


Sparky is larger than life. Imagine seeing him walking down the street.


Do those phones have cords? How did he dial with paws? Luckily there was always a phone booth around when super Sparky needed one.


Sparky and Smokey teamed up for outdoor fire safety. Looks like he is mellowing with age; are we seeing the softer side of Sparky?


This Sparky looks like he means business. There is no messing with him when it comes to fire safety.


Sparky can dance and play the electric guitar. Sparky is busy appearing in numerous music videos spreading fire safety messages.

Sparky at 70

Sparky is still getting the message out about the importance of fire safety. He definitely has some new tricks and lots of helpers all around the world!

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